• Seminars “Charlas”: Lectures with a maximum duration of 60 min. targeting to the general public. Taken as the priority issue of the brochure of the month, and other lectures on various topics as the opportunity arises.

Each month we have about three or four seminars for different groups of people in different places, in each of these participate an average of fifteen persons. The topic of every seminar depends of the need of the people where we develop it. The principal topic of each month is the topic of our brochure, but we also dictate topics that the people ask us.

  • Seminars PaMa: Specific seminars for parents of students at educational institutions, as we see the problem in that institution, at the same time that we are working with the children or the young people of that entity. For example: In a school with problems of alcoholism, promiscuity, drugs, etc … working with the parents on this issue.

For this year we will implement a new seminar it will have the name of PaMa, that mean “Padres y Madres – Fathers and Mothers” and the idea is teaching the parents about problems that the teenagers and young people have in their institution of education, for example: if in an Institution exist a lot of problems with alcoholism we will teach the parents in this problem at the same time that we teach the youth with the JOEL project.

Click here to see the: Seminars Activities

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