The director of Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones was present at the National Convention of the Knights Lutherans Paraguay. The focus of the main theme was the role of men in the family. At the meeting it was decided to include in the Constitution the participation of President of the laity and/or one person designated by him, at the CPTLN assemblies and meetings. The Sunday Closing worship was led by the director of CPTLN.


Children of Loma Pyta Bible school with many eagerly waiting on Wednesday to attend classes, when we get to the place they receive us with great joy, greeting us with hugs and smiles on their happiness faces because they would learn something else. The place where the Bible school is done is a private home of a family that host us space for the task.

Before starting the class we pray, the text is read in the Bible then we explaine about the assigned biblical text. Before the end we give them a memory verse and to paint drawings according to subject.


13782248_10206693848174752_136460623240473895_n 13707806_10153906275492842_5313189438276402449_n - copiaInteresting contributions threw the first Panel – Debate on Philosophy, Rock and Christianity in Paraguay, where the rock was analyzed from the philosophical, historical and Christian perspective. First, reference was made to social change that can produce this musical style. The relationship between ancient and contemporary philosophers rock was also mentioned. Then a historical overview of various Christian rockers from the 60s to the present, as well as pastors who use this music in their worship was presented. Also, a historical framework of various musical instruments used in Bible times showed, and throughout Christianity.

Finely, the audience made questions, criticisms and comments on the above, in a debate that took place in an atmosphere of respect. To enliven the event, Carpe Diem and Skyforce groups presented their musical art, explaining the content and style executed.

Some of the expressions that we can rescue of the speakers are:

“Rock and Metal frees us from the totalitarian and authoritarian oppression of a system” Jorge Sanchez, Philosopher, Rock and Professor

“Christianity was always present in the rock, from its beginnings to the present, with Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Bob Dylan, Stryper, Megadeth and others”, Freddy Ruiz, Musician and Teacher

“I have nothing against the styles of music”; “What is essential is the letter” Walterson J. Siewert, Lutheran Pastor.


DSC06012 DSC06008God pours His blessings so that we can bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth, He has called us to share the truth revealed in Scripture to all people of the Republic of Paraguay, with that in mind we started the journey of exploration and mission through the routes of the country, arriving this time to the Paraguari department where we met with the educational supervisor in the area to coordinate work in schools with JOEL program.


DSC06077 DSC06079 DSC06083 DSC06097

As part of the campaign “Respect my rights, denounces sexual violence”, CPTLN, in conjunction with schools, they brought forward a talk about child sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse of children has it become a big problem in Paraguay and on May 31 was taken as the day against the sexual abuse of children, which is why in the month of May in all schools worked on the theme by giving children and youth tools to protect themselves from abusers. Thus, the last day of May we have participated in two officers acts of remembrance day against child abuse with the participation of over 500 children and young people.


DSC06298 DSC06266 6 3

The project we completed in March 2015 was a baking course. In which, students learned how to bake a variety of different breads and sweets in order to teach mothers of limited resources to make products to have an income to support their family. The Biblical base comes from John 6:35, when people ask Jesus to give them the bread of heaven, referring to the manna, He replied saying that He was just that Bread come down from heaven: “I am the bread of life”.

This program began as a pilot plan in the Oñondive school in Luque, and we are surprised the impact that it had on the community. The working method was as follows:

  • We begin with the invocation and a prayer lead by the CPTLN director.

  • Reading a Biblical text.

  • A message based on the text read, led by director CPTLN.

  • A lesson how to make a product by the CPTLN volunteer teacher.

The course duration was three months and at the graduation where we presented students with certificates. 300 people joined us for the ceremony, with the presence of local authorities who addressed words of praise to CPTLN.

In gratitude to the teacher, the CPTLN volunteer, the students rewarded her with a surprise gift, that made her shed some tears saying: “To receive the affection of the people is the largest payment that a person can get.”


20141126_151321 20141126_194607 

The teaching staff of the Oñondive school resolved to pay homage to Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones, through the director Victor Verruck, for the work undertaken, dedication and enthusiasm put into training students of the institution during this 2014.

Each of the achievements were by Our Heavenly Father has accompanied us throughout this year, in each of the events organized, day by day with students and general work involved sustaining the institution. We ask our brothers in faith keep us in mind in their prayers, so that each year we get to the mission for which has been the JOEL project, which is to make it to the greatest possible number of children and youth the word of God.