“Online Mission”

Today there are many opportunities to participate in the mission of proclaiming the Good News around the world. Many people travel to different places to perform this task.

In March 2012, the children of many schools of United States made ​​a trip in “virtual Mission” to Paraguay, at that time they experienced the thrill of participate in the mission through a communication system for online video by Internet, similar to a video conference.

The result of the trip “Online Mission” was that many children, not only sent their offerings for mission in Paraguay, but also participated through prayer and especially they sent us thousands of letters. We have read all the letters, it took months to read them all, but it was exciting, we shed tears of joy at the beautiful words of children, it was very important to see the photos of children that gave us the feeling that we are talking personally and indeed had the chance to know them through these photos.

I as the director of the Ministry “Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones – Paraguay” (Lutheran Hour Ministries – Paraguay), I can only say thank you very much for your prayers, thank you very much for the letters. God bless you and keep you in His Grace and Love.

You can re-watch the videos of the program in this link: http://www.lhm.org/onlinemissiontrips/paraguay2012.asp

Changed Life

María* on July 12 has visited us in the organization to withdraw the brochure Monthly Theme AIDS have exchanged conversations with her until she asked in a very special gift that we saw her she wanted the library to acquire to give her daughter and almost tears in her eyes told us that her only daughter 35 years old fell in the sad habit of drugs, and she did not understand how this happens is that her only child has, being that it (María*) is very strong in faith to God and it hurts so much this sad reality.

Someone from our staff gave her guidance and bring her the brochure on Drug Abuse, that she like Mom can learn more about the consequences of drugs and somehow help her daughter see how out of it.

In the passage of dialogue, María* saw a picture that was in the bookstore and read aloud “I would only take all of God when He has all of me” and said that no Lord! of yet I have not been given you, and felt even sadder, but then the companion Cynthia showed her another very nice box that said “For I am the Lord your God will hold your right hand, I am who I say: No issues, I will help you, Isaiah 41:13 and there could see that she could breathe and have even more strength to help her daughter.

She infinitely appreciated the opportunity given to her for expressing their feelings and feel the interest to her aid.


Mrs. Andrea* works in a supermarket near our office, in a break that she has at work she went to walk and came to our office, explained that she doesn’t know why she came to our office because she didn’t know us, but she entered our bookstore where she was received very kindly by our secretary. After talking with her a small time, our secretary makes her pass with our director. Andrea* told us that she has serious problems with her husband, he bad treats her, also he has relations with a young woman of bad reputation. She told us that her husband left her home on friday and came back on tuesday, where he to abuse her.

After we heard her history life, we gave her some motivations words. One hour after she entered our bookstore she left our office saying us that she feels relieved and in peace.