The concern of all teachers colleges and schools is the low student performance on tests. So they requested us and we developed the theme “How to Study With Success” where we try and analyze, through the JOEL project, lack of interest in the study of students.

Bernardino Caballero School

As in the previous month, the “Bernardino Caballero” school reception from Guajayvi was wonderful. Young people were already anxious waiting. When we arrived all came to say hello.

A young woman asked: “What are you going to teach us today?. All they were in expectation. Teachers were told them that it was a beautiful gift, but had not mentioned that it was. As an encouragement, made him cramming the text of John 3:16 and everyone wanted to come forward to say what they had studied. They were proud to know more of God and his wonderful message


Escuela San Francisco.

At time 07:00 we began the talk of JOEL project in the “San Francisco” School of La Paloma, being driving activity Ms Claudia Ohse. We started there to explain about the work that CPTLN do, and we continue to talk about “Sexting”. In total we conducted five talks which involved not only students but teachers also participated.SANFRAN12SANFRANSANFRAN1




We also started JOEL work on Thursday, May 8 at the school “General Bernardino Caballero” in Guajayvi. This day we made five speeches, two in the morning and three talks in the evening with the participation of 143 students and 7 teachers. At the end the director of the institution approached us to thank the support we are providing and also asked us to go to develop the subject in the school in which her child is attending.DSC03751 DSC03746

Project JOEL traveled with Christ in Easter


On Tuesday March 26, Victor Verruck, Rev. Alceu Figur, in coordination with the voluntary Evelin Tucholke, invited the students of the College “Defensores del Chaco” of Guajayvi (Department of San Pedro) to travel with Christ on this Easter.

No matter where we go or how long we can do our journey with Christ. That is the message of Easter. Your life does not end at the cross on Holy Friday afternoon. Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning. He lives! Those who know that this is true and believe in Christ as their Savior and their King, travel with Christ and not just at Easter. They travel with him all day, every day. Jesus himself told his followers the day he returned to God the Father in heaven, “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” Matthew 28:20

You can look to the future with a hopeful perspective, when you have God as a guide in your life. He who has faith in God by faith accept this statement of the Apostle Paul: “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?” Romans 8:32

When we walked trusting that Jesus takes us by the hand to the dangers to give the necessary strength to face them as the way of life we cause emotional upsets, takes us in his arms to encourage us to go forward trusting in His love and forgiveness. “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us.” 1 John 5:14.


The purpose of the seminars is to report about the damage from the use of substances that, introduced into the body by any route of administration, produce an alteration of the natural functioning of the central nervous system of the individual and is also likely to create dependence, either psychological, physical or both. And offer advice and practical suggestions to stop these vices. We hope that this information help the young people to take a correct decision, favorable to them and their family.


On Thursday, March 21 we developed a seminar about “Vices” at the school “Jireh” in the city of Luque. At the beginning the seminar was scheduled for adolescents of the middle school but after being in the place, teachers  ask us to also conduct a seminar for children of elemental school. Since we have also to speak with children about this subject that is so important, we explain with examples and games about the vices and alcohol how it can harm our body. We were surprised by the involvement of the kids with their questions and confessions. And so, between games, laughter and examples we were able also reach children.


At the afternoon we went to another school, “Santiago Leguizamón” of Luque, where we also present the issue of the vices. We are glad to share with them because the answer we have of them, the good performance of them, the interest and participation of them within we talk about issues affecting society and starting with the youngest.


Your Best Lifeguard

On Wednesday October 24, we developed four seminars with the youth people of the High School “Héroes del Chaco” in Guajayvi. In total participated 141 tenagers and youths.

Sex… with that theme again!… What they will say me I do not know…!
Whay they want to get into my personal life? Way they care…?
Already made their own decisions, they lived their own lives and now they want to take desitions in my life…? God….., and what have God to do with sex, come on, leave religion apart! I really beleave I know more than my teachers could teach me.

These are some comments expressed by youth usually when the topic will be about sex. But, why is that?

Sufficient that you entry in some websites and invitations start to appear about what these people call pleasure, seduction and sexual activities offered by people who seem to know what they do, they seem to be sure what they do, but, it is all a hoax. In most cases, these are people with a sick mind, addicted to the vice of pornography and commercial intentions of using the bodies of innocent children and youths as to bring economic benefits by obtaining money through abuse these children and youths.

And how the popular phrase say “the curiosity killed the cat”, thousands of kids to go snooping harmful fall into this trap. Do not let them fool you and stay alert and vigilant, watch the thief came to steal, kill, and destroy (Jhon 10:10) and in the same way those people who have no respect for human dignity can damage your life. But where do you go to find the correct information?

Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones (Lutheran Hour Ministries), through the Project “JOEL” (Youth with a Free Spirit) clears doubts of youth.

The real lifesaver is to follow the correct indication, guided by the Word of God. “But as for you, O man of God, flee these things (the evils of the world). Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. 1 Timothy 6:11