God put a beautiful rainbow in the sky as a promise that never again destroy the earth that way, the beautiful story of Noah was the theme of the Bible School of September.

Some questions they have answered were: what was the name who built the ark?, Who loved God?, What was that God commanded Noah to build?, What God put in heaven as a promise?

And we also played with the kids games in which they could also learn something about Noe, we sang songs and prayed.


Children of Loma Pyta Bible school with many eagerly waiting on Wednesday to attend classes, when we get to the place they receive us with great joy, greeting us with hugs and smiles on their happiness faces because they would learn something else. The place where the Bible school is done is a private home of a family that host us space for the task.

Before starting the class we pray, the text is read in the Bible then we explaine about the assigned biblical text. Before the end we give them a memory verse and to paint drawings according to subject.


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We traveled 6 hours to start a Bible school in the city of “La Paloma” in a Public school. The Bible classes will be given every Friday in preschool classrooms, 1st – 2nd – 3rd and 4th grades.. in the morning and in the afternoon dictate by the Voluntary Claudia Ohse. The opening was performed with an event in which “Pepe” brought joy to the children and teachers of the school.


“Spiritual Basket”

pageThe ministry Christ For All Nations (CPTLN), with the support of Children’s Christian Concern Society (CCCS) are working in Paraguay with the “Spiritual Basket”.

The “Spiritual Basket” is based on a comprehensive help disadvantaged groups of children, who receive Christian instruction. The purpose of the basket is help instructors with materials to provide Christian higher education to teach children, and parents as they affect the lives of their children, whether for good or ill. In this “Spiritual Basket” include guidebooks for teachers, and for children to color copies of materials, plus crayons, also include food for children, personal hygiene products, first aid and medicines for deworming. Besides teaching children the Word of God, values ​​are taught to improve their quality of life.

We started the year with a “Vacation B ible School” intensive, from Tuesday to Friday, the closing of it well be a special event in which “Pepe”, our friend puppet, teaches children Bible stories. Then continue weekly classes throughout the year to children who attended Vacation Bible School.page1


From Monday 9 July to Friday 13 we have developed a winter vacation Bible School in the settlement of San Carlos – Luque.

Considering that an important aspect in the life of a child to growth is a good nutrition, proper hygiene and knowledge of the Word of God, come the need to create this project which the objective that the children learn about take care of them body and learn that Christ cares for them.

Poor hygiene and poor diet causes a declining growth process in children and it also produce suffering from various diseases. Added to this, lack the knowledge of the Word of God prevents children know the way of salvation.

Introduce to children the importance of spiritual and physical food, teaching them that when our body gets dirty we can wash them and get clean, when our soul get dirty is Jesus who washes us to restore us and be saved.

Our vision, share the message of hope to children, so in the future they will be people able to speak of God’s love to others and encourage them to health and hygiene for children to grow strong and healthy.

The goal is to offer children an alternative spiritual and health education based on the word of God. Also spread the message to children of forgiveness of sins and salvation. Encourage children good hygiene and reduce the spread of diseases caused by germs, parasites and poor hygiene.

– The project consists of classes that teach the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth, good nutrition, how to block disease causing germs and parasites, and how Jesus forgives sins to be saved. It has visual help and demonstrations to help the better understanding of the lesson. After the explanation, some activities are conducted according with the theme developed.





Bible School – Itapuami

Unfortunately there are many people who live without love. An example of this is the child’s life when he laments: “My father never told me he loved me”. And the family that suffers the tensions and disagreements that be generated because they cannot treated with love wish others and not knowing how to learn to accept and express love. Like wise, all those who see one another’s needs do not feel the desire or don’t know how to help themselves. This does not excuse us from our responsibility to love. This selfishness created the desire to continue to seek our own personal interest in becoming a vicious cycle that enables us to love.

We get frustrated when we have to recognizing that we live among people who take this self-centered attitude. Who will take the first step to love before expecting to be loved? We all like to think in a conditional love. “If you love me, then I will love you.” Only the other person is saying the same thing. Our selfishness becomes a comfortable refuge where we expect to find satisfaction of the desire to be loved, but in the process, become impoverished our feelings and desires, we become confused and not understand why we are not loved.

Between of all our misfortunes and failures, God still love us. He knows our anxieties and frustrations and act on our behalf. He created us as His image, like Him, able to think for communication, love, create, appreciate, preserve and dream. Although today the image of God is marred by our sin, God recognizes our infinite value. He wants to reconcile himself to be moving away from our selfishness.

Many People in Itapuami, part of Luque, live without love, live without knowing God. And we had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus in this place. The first contact we had with these people was through the Project “Eyes Clinic with Most Ministries”

Bible School with puppets

On September 3 we went to “Casilla 2” on Caaguazú department, is a beautiful place which is about 275 km from Asuncion.

We had the intention that children learn about the love their Savior Jesus Christ through songs and a message that was in charge of Ali and Pepe. (Puppets).

In resume the message was:
That salvation is not by works lest any man should boast, salvation is a gift from our Lord Jesus Christ, and we receive it when we recognize that He took our place on Calvary’s cross, no sacrifice can be greater than the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, that salvation is a gift from God, we are saved by grace. Salvation is a gift (grace) of God.

On Sunday we celebrated the worship with the local congregation and the sermon preached by the director of CPTLN was based on Psalm 32, entitled “Sorry, the greatest miracle.”