The Christian Liberty

On November 4, in Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones Paraguay, there was another meeting in honor of Lutheran reform. The panel had three major speakers Rev. Walterson Siewert, Lawyer Eduardo Sanchez and Dr. Alfred Nuefeld.

The issue that was discussed was Christian freedom in a changing world. During the message, the panelists invited everyone to reflect and proclaim life. They emphasized that happiness and love are offered for free, which are not bought. It was also noted that Luther proclaimed the universal priesthood of all believers and universalized education.

The moderation of the event was led by the Director of Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones, Lic. Victor Verruck.

The music was in charge of the violinist Natalia Franco. Natalia is a member of the Youth Orchestra of the Centro Cultural Paraguayo Americano.


God put a beautiful rainbow in the sky as a promise that never again destroy the earth that way, the beautiful story of Noah was the theme of the Bible School of September.

Some questions they have answered were: what was the name who built the ark?, Who loved God?, What was that God commanded Noah to build?, What God put in heaven as a promise?

And we also played with the kids games in which they could also learn something about Noe, we sang songs and prayed.