The concern of all teachers colleges and schools is the low student performance on tests. So they requested us and we developed the theme “How to Study With Success” where we try and analyze, through the JOEL project, lack of interest in the study of students.


The director of Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones was present at the National Convention of the Knights Lutherans Paraguay. The focus of the main theme was the role of men in the family. At the meeting it was decided to include in the Constitution the participation of President of the laity and/or one person designated by him, at the CPTLN assemblies and meetings. The Sunday Closing worship was led by the director of CPTLN.


Children of Loma Pyta Bible school with many eagerly waiting on Wednesday to attend classes, when we get to the place they receive us with great joy, greeting us with hugs and smiles on their happiness faces because they would learn something else. The place where the Bible school is done is a private home of a family that host us space for the task.

Before starting the class we pray, the text is read in the Bible then we explaine about the assigned biblical text. Before the end we give them a memory verse and to paint drawings according to subject.