13782248_10206693848174752_136460623240473895_n 13707806_10153906275492842_5313189438276402449_n - copiaInteresting contributions threw the first Panel – Debate on Philosophy, Rock and Christianity in Paraguay, where the rock was analyzed from the philosophical, historical and Christian perspective. First, reference was made to social change that can produce this musical style. The relationship between ancient and contemporary philosophers rock was also mentioned. Then a historical overview of various Christian rockers from the 60s to the present, as well as pastors who use this music in their worship was presented. Also, a historical framework of various musical instruments used in Bible times showed, and throughout Christianity.

Finely, the audience made questions, criticisms and comments on the above, in a debate that took place in an atmosphere of respect. To enliven the event, Carpe Diem and Skyforce groups presented their musical art, explaining the content and style executed.

Some of the expressions that we can rescue of the speakers are:

“Rock and Metal frees us from the totalitarian and authoritarian oppression of a system” Jorge Sanchez, Philosopher, Rock and Professor

“Christianity was always present in the rock, from its beginnings to the present, with Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Bob Dylan, Stryper, Megadeth and others”, Freddy Ruiz, Musician and Teacher

“I have nothing against the styles of music”; “What is essential is the letter” Walterson J. Siewert, Lutheran Pastor.