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As part of the campaign “Respect my rights, denounces sexual violence”, CPTLN, in conjunction with schools, they brought forward a talk about child sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse of children has it become a big problem in Paraguay and on May 31 was taken as the day against the sexual abuse of children, which is why in the month of May in all schools worked on the theme by giving children and youth tools to protect themselves from abusers. Thus, the last day of May we have participated in two officers acts of remembrance day against child abuse with the participation of over 500 children and young people.


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The project we completed in March 2015 was a baking course. In which, students learned how to bake a variety of different breads and sweets in order to teach mothers of limited resources to make products to have an income to support their family. The Biblical base comes from John 6:35, when people ask Jesus to give them the bread of heaven, referring to the manna, He replied saying that He was just that Bread come down from heaven: “I am the bread of life”.

This program began as a pilot plan in the Oñondive school in Luque, and we are surprised the impact that it had on the community. The working method was as follows:

  • We begin with the invocation and a prayer lead by the CPTLN director.

  • Reading a Biblical text.

  • A message based on the text read, led by director CPTLN.

  • A lesson how to make a product by the CPTLN volunteer teacher.

The course duration was three months and at the graduation where we presented students with certificates. 300 people joined us for the ceremony, with the presence of local authorities who addressed words of praise to CPTLN.

In gratitude to the teacher, the CPTLN volunteer, the students rewarded her with a surprise gift, that made her shed some tears saying: “To receive the affection of the people is the largest payment that a person can get.”