It’s impressive how greeted us the students at Maria Auxiliadora School of “La Paloma”.
With words poignant, the director introduced us to students expressing: “I want you to meet these wonderful people from the Ministry Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones, who selflessly, volunteered come from Asuncion to bring us a very important lesson, a gift priceless, which is the Word of God, the only force that can feed us completely, that can fill our hearts of peace and joy that we are needing very much without asking anything in return. We thank them for all the joy they bring us today and expect God continue to fill them with blessings so that they can continue spreading this happiness to many more people”. These words increase us the pleasure to be part of JOEL project.

Escuela San Francisco.

At time 07:00 we began the talk of JOEL project in the “San Francisco” School of La Paloma, being driving activity Ms Claudia Ohse. We started there to explain about the work that CPTLN do, and we continue to talk about “Sexting”. In total we conducted five talks which involved not only students but teachers also participated.SANFRAN12SANFRANSANFRAN1