From Thursday, April 24 until Friday May 2 directors of “CRISTO PARA TODAS LAS NACIONES”  (Christ for All Nations) of Latin America met in Brazil.

On Thursday, 24 began the meeting Ministries Center “HORA LUTERANA” in Sao Paulo, at night we participated in an evangelistic time at a local church.

On Friday 25 am we traveled to Rio de Janeiro where we visited two Lutheran congregations and useful to know some tourist places.

On Saturday 26th we arrived at Vitoria (ES) and met the congregation “PAZ”, we have also made a tour of the city “Vila Velha”, after lunch the group split up to make their presentations in various Lutheran congregations. So CPTLN Director Paraguay traveled 3 hours to make a presentation on Saturday night at Aimorés, Minas Gerais and Sunday was held the presentation at the Congregation of Baixo Guandu, Espiritu Santo. In addition to these activities, the Ministries Center Director of Paraguay was interviewed by the “Sintonia FM” radio.

On Monday 28th we continued the meeting of Directors at Aracruz, it was a wonderful meeting where we shared experiences, discussed projects and learned a lot about all of the Word of God.



BIBLE SCHOOL1779759_600714576671614_2107202369_n
We traveled 6 hours to start a Bible school in the city of “La Paloma” in a Public school. The Bible classes will be given every Friday in preschool classrooms, 1st – 2nd – 3rd and 4th grades.. in the morning and in the afternoon dictate by the Voluntary Claudia Ohse. The opening was performed with an event in which “Pepe” brought joy to the children and teachers of the school.