The purpose of the seminars is to report about the damage from the use of substances that, introduced into the body by any route of administration, produce an alteration of the natural functioning of the central nervous system of the individual and is also likely to create dependence, either psychological, physical or both. And offer advice and practical suggestions to stop these vices. We hope that this information help the young people to take a correct decision, favorable to them and their family.


On Thursday, March 21 we developed a seminar about “Vices” at the school “Jireh” in the city of Luque. At the beginning the seminar was scheduled for adolescents of the middle school but after being in the place, teachers  ask us to also conduct a seminar for children of elemental school. Since we have also to speak with children about this subject that is so important, we explain with examples and games about the vices and alcohol how it can harm our body. We were surprised by the involvement of the kids with their questions and confessions. And so, between games, laughter and examples we were able also reach children.


At the afternoon we went to another school, “Santiago Leguizamón” of Luque, where we also present the issue of the vices. We are glad to share with them because the answer we have of them, the good performance of them, the interest and participation of them within we talk about issues affecting society and starting with the youngest.