“Spiritual Basket”

pageThe ministry Christ For All Nations (CPTLN), with the support of Children’s Christian Concern Society (CCCS) are working in Paraguay with the “Spiritual Basket”.

The “Spiritual Basket” is based on a comprehensive help disadvantaged groups of children, who receive Christian instruction. The purpose of the basket is help instructors with materials to provide Christian higher education to teach children, and parents as they affect the lives of their children, whether for good or ill. In this “Spiritual Basket” include guidebooks for teachers, and for children to color copies of materials, plus crayons, also include food for children, personal hygiene products, first aid and medicines for deworming. Besides teaching children the Word of God, values ​​are taught to improve their quality of life.

We started the year with a “Vacation B ible School” intensive, from Tuesday to Friday, the closing of it well be a special event in which “Pepe”, our friend puppet, teaches children Bible stories. Then continue weekly classes throughout the year to children who attended Vacation Bible School.page1