Mission Ciudad del Este

We must have an open heart towards people who suffer any need, physical and spiritual, 1 John 3:17 says it is doubtful that exist love of God in him who closes his heart to a person in need, Jesus himself heald sick and fed thousands.

The main thing is to teach the gospel to every creature (Matthew 28:19-20), but we need  to dedicate us to meet the physical needs of the community, in Acts 4:34 says, “Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold”, these help were not an obligation, it was not required, but were voluntary, that way we have been moved to give vision care and eyeglasses for 506 people and we shared the love and mercy of God (the Gospel of God) with more than 800 people in Hernandarias and Ciudad del Este.

This was done together Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones (Lutheran Hour Ministries), Most Ministries and The Mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Paraguay in Ciudad del Este, since July 11 to August 17.

Twelve volunteers came with Most Ministries of the United States, for the mission Ciudad del Este worked five volunteers to take care of people and every day a group of people from different congregations volunteered to cook lunch, and by the Ministry Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones, from the Staff worked two persons and five volunteers.



“Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones ” – Lutheran Hour Ministries Paraguay,  is a Christian organization whose purpose is to bring all people, regardless of race, age or social status, the message of peace, love and hope of the Gospel of Christ.

It is the main purpose of this ministry that people know Jesus Christ our only Savior, through different programs, conducted with the hope that the Christian message reaches you in an enjoyable and that you feel comfortable participating with us in various activities we offer.

One of our programs is “Equipping The Saints” is a training workshop that encourages and enables believers to share their faith, emphasizing the importance of sharing God’s Word. That all believers become fit instruments for the dissemination of the Word of God and the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, learning the basic techniques to share their faith.

That through reading, and use of Scripture (the Bible), grow in knowledge of the Word of God, which will help us be more effective in serving God, the church and the brethren, to the extent that share with others what they learned, knowledge and experiences.

On Saturday August 4 we developed this program with a group of gentlemen Lutherans in Santa Rita – Paraguay, and practice of the visits we made in the neighborhood “Campiñas Verdes”


From Monday 9 July to Friday 13 we have developed a winter vacation Bible School in the settlement of San Carlos – Luque.

Considering that an important aspect in the life of a child to growth is a good nutrition, proper hygiene and knowledge of the Word of God, come the need to create this project which the objective that the children learn about take care of them body and learn that Christ cares for them.

Poor hygiene and poor diet causes a declining growth process in children and it also produce suffering from various diseases. Added to this, lack the knowledge of the Word of God prevents children know the way of salvation.

Introduce to children the importance of spiritual and physical food, teaching them that when our body gets dirty we can wash them and get clean, when our soul get dirty is Jesus who washes us to restore us and be saved.

Our vision, share the message of hope to children, so in the future they will be people able to speak of God’s love to others and encourage them to health and hygiene for children to grow strong and healthy.

The goal is to offer children an alternative spiritual and health education based on the word of God. Also spread the message to children of forgiveness of sins and salvation. Encourage children good hygiene and reduce the spread of diseases caused by germs, parasites and poor hygiene.

– The project consists of classes that teach the importance of washing hands, brushing teeth, good nutrition, how to block disease causing germs and parasites, and how Jesus forgives sins to be saved. It has visual help and demonstrations to help the better understanding of the lesson. After the explanation, some activities are conducted according with the theme developed.