Seminar – “God created man in a defined order and purpose”

On June 20 in Luque, we talked, “God created man in a defined order and purpose” God never improvised, always gives an order and a clear and definite purpose to his work. For the Word of truth we know that this is so. And the creation of man and his mandate in this world, not outside it. God creates man after the woman, the marriage, family plans and also creates conditions that can develop, be happy and achieve wholeness. God did not create man (male) first by chance or by accident. God wanted this to happen. If man disrupts the established order and ignores the will of the creator, survive the consequences.


Mission support – Ciudad del Este

Friday June 8:
In the afternoon, we prepared our bags, loaded the van and started our trip to Hernandarias city. We were 7 persons. We arrive Hernandarias at 00:41 a.m. The Pastor Laercio Knaak and his wife Andrea was waiting us in the Church, they hosted us at them home.

Saturday June 9:
After breakfast, we met local volunteers and give them basic training in evangelism, then the volunteers was divide into groups and designated areas that should visit each group.

After lunch we visited the neighborhoods near the church, but before leave, we met in a circle to pray and ask to the Holy Spirit guidance us in the task of share the message of love and mercy of God to the people of this city. At 17:00 was the hour of our meeting in the Church for sharing the experience with the group and evaluating the activity of the day.

Visit outreach in homes on Hernandarias

Sunday 10 June:
We traveled to the Indian community “Moises Bertoni” to assist them with the group of volunteer doctors. We started the activity in this place with a worship service and then continue with medical care. We treated 150 people of all ages, providing them with free medicines.

Indigenous Church which gave medical attention.


Laercio_dental care

Pepe also been working on the mission

Monday June 11:
This day our activities started very early. We prepared the place to give medical care in Hernandarias city, and the people started coming just the day dawned. In addition to medical care and medicine delivery, we shared the gospel with those people. Pepe (puppet) was also present, sharing the message of salvation with the children.

waiting for attention

Before the consult is taking blood pressure patients

Medical care in Hernandarias

Medical care in different specialties

Gynecology Medical Care

dental Care


Tuesday June 12:
It’s time to go back to Asuncion. We began to load our vehicle after breakfast, Pastor Laercio prayed giving thanks for those wonderful days we shared the love of God with more than 400 persons during those days. Then we start our trip back to our home, after traveling 200 km, one of our tires blew, we stopped to change the wheel damaged and continued our journey, we arrived at Asuncion at 16:00 hours.

Voluntary Vilma and Laura took the blood pressure of patients

Pausing on the road

 Placing the spare tire on the wheel for damage