Bible School – Itapuami

Unfortunately there are many people who live without love. An example of this is the child’s life when he laments: “My father never told me he loved me”. And the family that suffers the tensions and disagreements that be generated because they cannot treated with love wish others and not knowing how to learn to accept and express love. Like wise, all those who see one another’s needs do not feel the desire or don’t know how to help themselves. This does not excuse us from our responsibility to love. This selfishness created the desire to continue to seek our own personal interest in becoming a vicious cycle that enables us to love.

We get frustrated when we have to recognizing that we live among people who take this self-centered attitude. Who will take the first step to love before expecting to be loved? We all like to think in a conditional love. “If you love me, then I will love you.” Only the other person is saying the same thing. Our selfishness becomes a comfortable refuge where we expect to find satisfaction of the desire to be loved, but in the process, become impoverished our feelings and desires, we become confused and not understand why we are not loved.

Between of all our misfortunes and failures, God still love us. He knows our anxieties and frustrations and act on our behalf. He created us as His image, like Him, able to think for communication, love, create, appreciate, preserve and dream. Although today the image of God is marred by our sin, God recognizes our infinite value. He wants to reconcile himself to be moving away from our selfishness.

Many People in Itapuami, part of Luque, live without love, live without knowing God. And we had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus in this place. The first contact we had with these people was through the Project “Eyes Clinic with Most Ministries”