MOST MINISTRIES: Health and Hygiene

God cares us spiritually and physically, because this reason Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones (LHM Paraguay) and Most Ministries have worked together on “Bañado Sur” of 21 to 24 on November to teach people about the love of God, which is bad and good for spiritual health, and what is bad and good for physical health.

The intention is to change the attitude and way of life from people, helping people to decide and make their behavior in good health and hygiene practices. Some items discussed were: How to wash your hands, like brushing your teeth properly, germs, parasites, Sebo’i (Worms), scours and rehydration.

The team consisted of:

Most Ministries: Somerfeld Gayle, Don Somerfeld, Sandra Helm, Sarah Helm, Pastor Steve Kass, Dana Nelson, Sara Swecker, Adam Swecker,.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Paraguay: Pastor Alceu Figur.

Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones: Victor Verruck and Cynthia Gonzalez. And the translation was in charge of Stefani Alicia Verruck.