Conference about Forgiveness

On September 28 we developed a conference about forgiveness in the neighborhood “3 de Mayo” in the city of Luque. Forgiveness is something that flows from God through us to others. The Bible uses the word “sin” to describe the evil and selfish things we do. “Sin” means missing the mark. God wants us to worship Him fully, wholeheartedly, with our entire mind, and with our full force. But when we look at ourselves, we can see that we missed the mark. We all fail in the expectations of God. We can’t be good before the eyes of God. We need another person to fulfill God’s expectations for us and make things right with Him; Jesus Christ was who did that. His perfect life is a substitute for each of us. The perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus, fulfilled God’s expectations for us and makes us perfect before His eyes. Because of Jesus, God forgives us.

Film: The Life of Jesus

On Wednesday, September 7, we visit a place that we had never visited before, it is the neighborhood “Valley Isle” in the city of Areguá, and there, in a field where people play volleyball, we have projected a film about the life of Jesus. The assistants of all ages have learned that God loves men and that he gave his only Son to suffer and die for us, that love and mercy of God transcends all conceivable parameters. They learned that we all deserve punishment, but, goodness and mercy of God towards us is so great that God in his love purifies us from all our unrighteousness and forgive us our sins, gives us life and salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Bible School with puppets

On September 3 we went to “Casilla 2” on Caaguazú department, is a beautiful place which is about 275 km from Asuncion.

We had the intention that children learn about the love their Savior Jesus Christ through songs and a message that was in charge of Ali and Pepe. (Puppets).

In resume the message was:
That salvation is not by works lest any man should boast, salvation is a gift from our Lord Jesus Christ, and we receive it when we recognize that He took our place on Calvary’s cross, no sacrifice can be greater than the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, that salvation is a gift from God, we are saved by grace. Salvation is a gift (grace) of God.

On Sunday we celebrated the worship with the local congregation and the sermon preached by the director of CPTLN was based on Psalm 32, entitled “Sorry, the greatest miracle.”