On January, Saturday 23 at 19:30 hours we were in Maestro Fermín, on Sunday 24 at 08:00 hours in Consuelo and at 10:00 hours in Iruña. We had the nice opportunity to share with three congregations of these towns of the rural area of our country, We shared with them a message from Acts 16:9-10, where we emphasized on our unique and strong desire to wish the same as Paul, to fulfill the mission of preaching Christ and Him crucified to those who still don’t know He, though the whole world is our mission field, we should going only where the Holy Spirit guides us, because where the Holy Spirit strengthens our efforts, is sure the promise that His word “will not returns to Him empty, first will do what He wants, and it shall prosper in that things for what He send it”.

Thanks to the members of these congregations and to the Pastor Laureno Sitzmann for your kind invitation. God bless you.

Vacation Bible School

On January, beginning Thursday 11 and finished Saturday 15, we developed a Vacation Bible School in Bañado Tacumbú. Of this participated 102 children from different aged, we divided them in four groups. To the new students we share our Bible course “God is our Father” and to the students who have made this course in another time, we shared our brochure “My Little Book of Tips”. We spend a great time with these children. God bless them.