Seminar about Family Violence

The family violence is a reality that needs our attention. The violence threatens the harmony at home and occurs in all socio-economic strata and with this in mind we developped a seminar in “Marin Ka’aguy” Luque, on September 8th, at this conference attended 31 people from different ages.

Couples abuse is not only a violation of the individual rights, but also leaves an impact on the lives of the children who living such violence. Research shows that there is a real danger that children learn from the bad example of aggressive behavior when exposed to domestic violence, the violent behavior is transmitted from generation to generation, abused children often become abusive parents and spouses.

We need to educate our children so that they are able to see violence, understand and deliver them possible actions that they go out of it in a responsible act. God can help us change, He does not work on the surface of the human being. God works in the heart and change the human being in his son through faith in Jesus.

JOEL Project – School Santiago Leguizamón

On August 23 we develop JOEL project in the School number 1031 “Santiago Leguizamón” of Luque, with the 7th, 8th and 9th grade. At the event participated 86 students and the subject matter was “My sex and me.” Many students said they were confused about the definition of sexuality, love and sex. With this meeting we helped students understand the beauty of human sexuality and to clarify their doubts. We have gave ideas of how to enhance their sexuality and to respect the sexuality of other people.

Bible School in Bañado Tacumbú

On August 22 we organized a special event to share the Gospel with kids of Bañado Tacumbú, this time we sang and praised the Lord with hymns and studied the Word of God. 49 children participated. At the end of the activities, some children came and asked: When will you return to share with us? It was a very nice evening where God has blessed us with the teaching of His Word.