Bible School on Luque

On June 26 our secretary, Miss Pamela Benitez, with the Vicar of the Lutheran Church José Purmann, attended at the Bible School on a place of poor people from Luque.
At this beautiful experience was involving 30 children, with whom them shared the Word of God. beginning with a prayer, and talked about the history of the Tower of Babel. With the use from some beautiful drawings made by a Volunteer, the children learned that being selfish and not think in others is not what God wants. After the story gave them coloring and tasks to complete. The afternoon finished with a snack, it was provided by a nearest neighbor.

Neuroscience Training

On June 22 Mr. Victor Verruck participated in a training about Neuroscience the topic was “The brain of a criminal” the orator was the psychiatrist doctor Eugenio Vargas Peña, he said that the mind of a criminal can reason coherently but with a reasoning based on false premises, the criminal does not accept the rules of coexistence. Them don’t have guilt and no remorse. The doctor said that the criminals, especially serial murderers, have a low activity in some areas of the brain, it regulate their behavior and leads them to kill people, but not everybody ends being killer minds, exist some vulnerable minds that in a suitable environments come to act violently.

“One of our future mission is sharing the gospel with our christian materials in the prisons. This training was very useful to help our director to understand and learn more about the psicology and the mind of the criminals”

Seminar “Precautions with our sexuality”

On June 19 we shared with children and teenagers of the neighborhood San Miguel of San Lorenzo, at this opportunity we orient them about the precautions they should take on sexuality, and the consequences of irresponsible sex. The situation on this place is terrible. There are many single mothers and men in prison.

As a sad experience worth mentioning that while we prepared our team to develop the seminar, two young women, 18 and 16 years old, began to fight and we had to intervene to separate them. This gives us the guidelines of the need that exists to bring the Word of God in this place.

Bible School – Mission “Transforming Lives”

On June 19 we were sharing a moment with the children of the Mission “Transforming Lives” on that day there were 11 children. Our coworker Cynthia Gonzalez said that she was impressed about the time of prayer, because the kids of 7 years old asked to our Heavenly Father to help the teachers of the Bible School to adopt a little girl who is in them projects. That day the teachers spoke about the story of Samson and Delilah and the children thrilled they shared all of what was the story itself.

We give thanks for these moments of joy that we can have through the Project of Bible Schools. Please, pray to God to help us to open more places and so share more and more the word of our Lord.

Capacitation – Seminar about Performance Evaluation

June 15th and 16th  Miss  Cynthia González, our Administrative Assistant has participate on a Training Seminar about “Competition Performance Assessment” the orator was Dr. Ana Ramírez she work at the Company of Global Consulting Group.

Two of the most important topics was:
The importance of a regular evaluation of the performance from all employes, and, the motivational ways to motivate the work of the human resources department.

Cynthia also had the opportunity to talk with employes of others companies, such as the Boss of the cleaning area of a major Hospital of our city, Ms. Fatima Cristaldo. Cynthia could tell her about the work of CPTLN, them exchanged data personal. Two days after the end of the seminar, they called us to ask for brochures about “What Being a Mother means” to its employes. Ms. Fatima tell to Cynthia about the problems they bring from their homes, either with your children or husband, and that these hinder their job performance.

Conference – “Marriage”

On June 3rd, we present a conference about marriage in the neigborhood of San Carlos, Luque.

The crises are a great opportunity to make changes and grow up, together or individually. It is a pathway of the life that allows for “separate the waters”,  assume our own difficulties, without charge at the account of others, what is really a personal issue unresolved.

Faced with a crisis is necessary to discover models to be linked in some other way and thus break the vicious cycle that occurs in the relationship.

The married life can be compared at a chess game. At moving a piece can create the need of a change at the strategy for the other player, who will respond according to the last play. That means, with our change we can favor than the other change too and the communication can flows in a different way.

We need to focus on making plays that change the direction of the game and allow to growth. This is accomplished with movements that generate positive responses and lead to happiness.

The experience adquired in moments of crisis create resources for overcome future challenges. Crises are opportunities to grow and trust in God favors this growth.

The apostle Paul said, with the sincere desire to become a reality in their lives. “I now place you in God’s care. Remember the message about his great kindness! This message can help you and give you what belongs to you as God’s people”. Acts 20:32

Capacitation – Transcultural Mission

From May 18 until May 28 our director, Mr. Victor Veruck,  had the opportunity to participate in a training course for missionaries of the LCMS, also for South America, Lutheran churches of; Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The course was held in Ciudad del Este, it is almost 350 km of our Capitol, Asunción.

We have had class every day, starting at the morning and continuing at the afternoon. We made a dive “urban”.. The first day we walked all day to observe, at the second day, we engaged in conversation with people on the street to get a better idea about the life in Paraguay, and specifically in Ciudad del Este.

We have also visited Mby’a Guarani community where we were welcomed warmly by the natives, we also did visit the mission in Hernandarias among others.