General Ordinary Assembly of IELPA

On February 28th we was invited to participate and share a report about our activities and plans for the next year in the Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Paraguay, it was a great time.

Seminar “Charla” – What means the engagement?

On February 23 we develop the seminar, “What means the engagement?” in the “Ateneo de Lengua y Cultura Guaraní” The participation was low because wasn’t enough time to publicize it. In it participated 8 people who were impacted by the material. Immediately after the seminar finished, the people was organizing another one for the end of March with the topic of “Family Violence” where more people will be invited to attend the event.

JOEL Project – Lambaré

joel2On Saturday, February 21, 9 teenagers and 3 volunteers participated in the activities. On that Saturday we highlight that was presence of a Lutheran seminary student José Purmann, also we had the privilege of having a Deaconess Jennifer Bolognini. We thank our dear God for the great help of these two people. In Saturday’s class we explained the topic “my God” we learned that God is love and his love is very pure and infinite to all persons without discrimination. On this occasion we deliver to the youth the bracelets and them were very happy of receive the present, we finished with a snack and a prayer done by José Purmann.

JOEL Project – Lambaré

On February 14 we continue developing the activities with young people and teenagers in the group JOEL of Lambaré. This time we develop the topic “God Is a Police?”. The young people participated enthusiastically.

After developing the activities we sing praises to our Jesus and finish the day giving thanks to God and asking Him to continue blessing the entire community.

Bible Course – Barcequillo

On February 7 we started to dictate the course Going Towards a New Life in the neighborhood Barcequillo, in San Lorenzo City. On this class 8 people attended from different ages at it. We begin with the first lesson of how to know God.
We ended the meeting praying to the Father for protection and blessing.

Bible School – Lambaré


On February 7 was started the Bible School in Lambaré with the volunteers Adriana and Juan, the activities will be held every Saturday starting at 15:00 hs. The topic for this year to develop the Bible Schools will be “Christ loves me”
14 children participate in the class, besides a mother who became a volunteer to help to develop the classes.

JOEL Project – Lambaré

On February 7 we start the project JOEL in the neighborhood Mbachio of Lambare City at the home of Adriana and Juan, the seminar will be held every Saturday at 14:00 hs. During this year our program include teaching the youth about the word of God and also teach values. Also we will go to teach them to make different tasks such as making bread, cookies, jams, etc. Teaching the youth in all these different things will be possible because some volunteers will help us with it. Tanks for your prayers, help and support.